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We want to provide you with the transparency and control you need to understand and manage your communications expenses. To do that, we have a range of tools and resources to explain your invoice and to view and pay your bill. Watch, read, and learn more about billing here.



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About Your First Invoice

Typically, your first invoice is unique and the amount due may be higher or different than you expected due to the inclusion of partial month charges and one-time or non-recurring charges. Partial month charges – the pro-rated monthly charges for the services you received after installation and before your first full billing cycle – may also be included.



Pay Your Bill Online | Billing Account Support



Understanding Your Bill

To help you understand your invoice we have provided a sample bill for you to view.







Pay Your Bill Online | Billing Account Support



Taxes & Fees

Read about some of the common taxes, fees and surcharges that may apply to your invoice.





Pay Your Bill Online | Billing Account Support



Tax Exemptions

Some Spectrum Business customers may qualify for exemptions from certain taxes and fees that apply to the sales of our services.

The following entities typically qualify for exemptions:

  1. Federal government and its instrumentalities

  2.  State and local governments and units thereof

  3.  (501(c)(3)) Nonprofit religious, charitable, medical and educational institutions

  4. Foreign diplomat & Indian Tribe Reservation exemptions


Customers are responsible for requests to claim such exemptions and provide Spectrum Business with the exemption certificate or other documentation required to substantiate their request.



Tax Exemption Guidelines

Guidelines on completing and submitting exemption certificates are provided for your convenience.



Pay Your Bill Online | Billing Account Support



My Account

Take control of your account with the My Account customer portal. View your current bill, sign up for online bill pay, and report and monitor billing issues You will need the account number and customer code from your printed bill to register for My Account.

My Account also enables you to manage your services, view and analyze call detail records, troubleshoot devices and request assistance from customer care.

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