How do I read my statement?

Here's a sample Spectrum Business bill with notes explaining each section.


Spectrum Business sample bill, front page
  1. Statement Date, Account Number and Security Code in upper left corner of each page.
  2. How to reach us.
  3. At a glance: your charges, payments, and credits for this bill.
  4. Payment due date.
  5. Payment coupon for your convenience. Simply tear it off and mail.
  6. Important messages, reminders and offers. You’ll find special events, savings opportunities, news, and promotions.
  7. Be sure our address shows in the return envelope window.


Spectrum Business sample bill, back page
  1. Itemized charge details of transactions made during the statement period.
  2. Adjustments showing any additional credits or fees applied.
  3. Required telecommunications Taxes, Fees, and Charges. For information, please see the Billing Information section of your bill.
  4. Broadcast TV Surcharge: A pass through reflecting charges assessed to Charter Communications by the owners of local broadcasts, or local, “network-affiliated” TV stations.
  5. Partial Monthly Charges from the date your services started through the first date of your regular billing period.
Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback