Manage Your Spectrum Business Services

You can manage your Spectrum Business services by signing in to your Spectrum Business account.

If you don’t have a username or password, you can create one.

Access your Spectrum Business Services

Sign in to My Account with your username and password.

Note: Only users with Admin permissions can view and manage all aspects of the account. Users with Standard permissions can only access subscribed services and manage their Account preferences.


The Overview page is the homepage of your Spectrum Business account. Signing in to My Account gives you direct access to your subscribed services and the following Account options:

  • Manage your Spectrum Business Services.
  • View your current balance, manage bill pay options and view statements.
  • Update your Profile and Settings.
  • Manage Users and more.
Spectrum Business My Account Overview portal screen

Getting Started

Each new or additional Spectrum Business services you sign up for has associated with it a control panel. When your new account is initially set up, the Account Owner is responsible for creating new users and managing all aspects of the account.

When signing up for Spectrum Business or adding additional services to your existing account, a Welcome Email is sent out with sign in instructions and detailed setup information.

Spectrum Business Services

Use the links below to access the control panels for the following Spectrum Business services:

Learn more about Spectrum Business services.

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