What is Managed Router Service?

[Charter/Spectrum/TWC] Managed Router Service for Ethernet is a managed service that provides Turnkey provisioning, configuration, change management, monitoring, and remote operations management of data and security services on customer premise routers. It is an enhancement to the [Charter/Spectrum/TWC] Ethernet product offer.

Businesses are increasingly implementing Managed Router Services to provide a comprehensive managed connectivity solution that minimizes demand on internal resources and maximizes productivity by outsourcing LAN/WAN and security management services.

Managed Router Service Features include:

  • Ethernet/Internet WAN connection(s) management

  • VLAN management

  • Managed LAN

  • LAN Router Configuration/Access Control Lists

  • MRS Admin Portal to monitor network assets

  • Static routing support

  • Dynamic IP routing protocols

  • Tag QoS bits per customer request

  • Auto-failover to wired or wireless solutions

  • DHCP server configuration and support

  • DNS relay support

  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack router configuration and support

Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback